Preventative Maintenance

At Nicks Air Conditioning & Heating we offer the best yearly Preventative Maintenance contract on the market this P/M  was designed to save you time, money and worries year round.

The Best Preventative Maintenance Contract On The Market

When creating the P/M contract I wanted to offer a contract that would help protect the customer from the unforeseen. The only way to do that in my eyes was to offer a contract that included everything that an air conditioner needs to continue to operate at the highest efficiency possible year-round & also help to protect the customer from the unforeseen. we did this by offering an all-inclusive contract that even covers 24 hr. service and a % of any repairs. 




For Only


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For ONE LOW ANNUAL FEE you can prevent most common problems that can result in COSTLY repairs!


With you subscription we will perform preventative maintenance services 2x/year including: 

  • Clean Condenser Coil

  • Clean The Drain 

  • Check Electrical Systems and Operations 

  • Check Temperature Splits on both Return and Supply 

  • Spray Self-Rinsing Evaporations Coil Clean

  • Vacuum Out the Return 

  • Add Pan Tabs to Condenser Drain 

  • Check for Duct Leaks

  • 20% Discount on All Repairs

  • 24-Hour Service Calls At No Additional Charge 

  • Labor to replace air filters and UV light bulbs

  • **NOW INCLUDING Air Duct Sanitization**




The technician came out and identified my problem without delay. Then gave detailed information about how to fix the issue. He did an outstanding job. My overall experience was excellent

- Grant T.


At Nick's, we include 2 years of our Preventative Maintenance at no additional charge when you purchase and install a unit with us. It's our way of saying

"THANK YOU for choosing Nick's AC and Heating!"