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Saving Your Utility Bill: Installing an Energy-Efficient HVAC System Pays for Itself

Updated: Jul 26

Saving Your Utility Bill

Your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) systems use more than half of the energy that comes into your home.

As your Air conditioning system ages, it loses efficiency just from normal everyday use. The need for a properly maintained system has never been more needed than now.

Not only does an aging system leave you with less than optimal comfort level in your home, but mounting energy bills can also become extremely expensive.

If your energy bills start to rise and there is no apparent reason, then you should look at replacing your HVAC system.

There are a number of signs to look out for which might indicate that you need to have your air conditioning system looked at by a professional.

Often, replacing the system is not always needed with all the new codes and efficiencies that are available now with air conditioning systems.

The problem comes down to the proper design of the entire system.

Now don't get scared. What I mean is this Air conditioning System either in heating or cooling mode comes down to airflow, you can put the most expensive air conditioner in the world in your home.

If you can't move the air properly it will never work!

On the other hand, an inexpensive properly installed air conditioning system can deliver you years' worth of comfort while keeping your electric bills down as well.

While yet other times simply cleaning the system properly and adjusting the pressures in an older system can restore years worth of efficiency and comfort.

We understand that it's hard to find a friendly family-owned air conditioning contractor who is honest, reliable, and fair.

That is why we started Nick's Air Conditioning & Heating so we can be that contractor for you!

Signs that you need a professional honest air conditioning representative to look at your issues:

1) higher than normal electric bills

2) black dirt around your registers

3) moldy or musty smell in your home

4) water leaking from equipment

5) your thermostat will not keep the temperature

6) equipment won't respond to a call for heat or cooling

7) Hot or cold spots in-home or office

We believe here at Nick"s Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. that by helping to solve the real problems that people are having with the comfort of their home, the equipment sales will come on their own.

There are hundreds of companies looking to sell new air conditioning equipment, mine included!! but here our focus is you the customer and your comfort and experience with us.

In the cases where you are already thinking you need a new System, please call us and let us come see the property that is in need of assistance.

We offer a free estimate to all potential customers this includes a survey of the property which will provide all the information needed so that we can properly solve your air comfort needs.

Signs That You Should Replace Your HVAC

When your equipment is breaking down, and costly repairs are becoming more frequent, considering the installation of a new HVAC system is in order.

With full heating, air conditioning and ductwork makeover, the air in your home will flow better, the dust particles and debris floating throughout your home will be minimized, you will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and the best benefit of all—a new HVAC system will protect your most valuable possession, your home.

Is It Time To Replace Your Old HVAC System?

Enlisting the help of a professional HVAC technician from a reliable family-owned company to perform repairs on your HVAC system is invaluable when your HVAC system is repairable, but when it is determined that your HVAC system is needing multiple repairs, or it is aging out of service, it is more economical to replace the systems.

A newly installed HVAC system will be relatively worry-free, providing you and your family comfort.

The cost of a new HVAC system may seem prohibitive, but the money saved in repairs and on your utility bills will be worth it for years to come.

Nick's Air Conditioning & Heating LLC

Nick's Air Conditioning & Heating LLC

At Nick's AC & Heat, we provide repeated maintenance customer discounts, first responder discounts, and military discounts, as well as extended labor warranty with the installation of any system.

Nick’s AC & Heat has over 30 years of experience in air conditioning and heating services. We want to keep your air conditioner and heating systems running, and have the expertise and knowledge to do so.

At Nick’s, we can identify issues with your HVAC system and correct them with our preventative maintenance and repair services.

If we are unable to fix your issue, we offer installation services with a wide selection of air conditioners that will fit your home’s unique cooling needs.

For all of your HVAC system needs, contact us!

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