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Air Conditioning is essential in Florida

Nicks Air conditioning & Heating knows how important it is to keep your home as a clean/comfortable living space, even more so now then ever!! The changes Florida has seen in the last 10 years between building codes, efficiency ratings, and types of equipment is substantial.. All air conditioning is based on air flow.. In Fact most of the problems people have still today can be related back to air flow.. It takes, A trained and experienced professional who is honest to properly diagnose an air conditioning  problem.. Why do I say a Honest professional? It's because of air flow!! Let me explain.. A lot of people in this industry tend to complicate a diagnosis with a lot of fancy terms..  and even more expensive solutions... When in fact so many times in my career I have seen when cleaning a coil or a fan or increasing the size of  a piece of duct work, Or simply properly charging a system has resolved the problems that a customer was ready to spend thousands to replace the equipment needlessly!!! Here at Nicks Air Conditioning we are a Highly recommended, family owned and operated company, We are here to help families and small business with there air conditioning needs at a fair price... We look forward to building a relationship with each one of our customers. Call us 24/7 @ 407-489-5060 Have a great day! Dan Orientale


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