About Us

Families stick together

Here at Nicks Air conditioning & Heating LLC. We know how important Family is, and how important it is to keep them safe and comfortable. 

After all we're a company made of families ourselves ! 

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Our Story

Nicks Air Conditioning & Heating is owned by Eric Lane & Dana K Orientale (Dan). Seems funny that we have a company named Nicks, for me there was no other choice in names to have when Eric and I first started to speak of names for the company. My name is Dana k Orientale,  in 2019 my son Nicholas Ryan Orientale was tragically killed. In the after math of that tragedy the forces that be opened a door to an opportunity to start this business. For me this was an opportunity to keep my sons memory alive and honor him!  Nicholas ( Nick) was an honest man, a good friend, and the best son!  He loved his family and friends with all he had and I'm so proud to be his father. 


These are the principles this company is being built on, striving harder to do each job the best we can, to be fair and honest with our customers, to treat each customer as family, and striving to become better and learn from our mistakes. We will remember the meaning of family and promote that to each of our employees. We will stand behind everything we do!  We will be the company each one of our customers is proud to say that Nicks Air Conditioning & Heating is their contractor and friend.

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